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Die Antwoord Freaks FIFTY24SF Gallery

Young and hip in San Francisco on a Wednesday night? Either you are getting wasted at your local bar or getting wasted in your living room with a stash you acquired in the Haight. But with the Noise Pop festival going on, Die Antwoord is having a one-night show at FIFTY24SF Gallery tonight.

Die Antwoord

South Africa’s Cool Edge – Die Antwoord

What will be on display? We’ve heard about vinyl sculpture and hand-detailed records but nothing specific. If their videos are any indication as to what it will be like, we think it will definitely be better than anything you can buy illegally in the Haight.

Die Antwood – I Fink U Freeky

And if that video doesn’t convince you that it will be an interesting night, here’s one more:


eBay Find Of The Week – Thomas Campbell Skateboard Decks

eBay can be pretty shady when it comes to buying original art. For every person who actually purchases an original Chris Johanson, ten more are burned buying fake works “attributed” to Basquiat and Picasso. But if you know what you are doing, and are not overcome by greed (let’s face it, if the Picasso was real, Sothebys would be selling it, not eBay), you can find some good deals on eBay. We have, and we’ll continue to shop cautiously on the site. 

The find for this week is a pair of skateboard decks, by artist, filmmaker, and surfer Thomas Campbell.

Thomas Campbell Skateboard decks

Associated with the artists who were involved with San Francisco’s Mission School, Mr. Campbell’s stock rose with his association with the “Beautiful Losers” exhibit in 2004. 

Now, Mr. Campbell is showing in respectable galleries like V1 Gallery and is commanding mature prices for his paintings and sculptures. So being able to buy not one, but two, of his works for $400 is a pretty good deal. 

Yes, each one is from an edition of 500, but they are hand-crafted decks that eschew the traditional skateboard shape. And despite being from editions of 500, we believe in a year or two they will double in value as Mr. Campbell continues to grow as an artist. Don’t sleep on this auction.

thomas campbell skateboard decks

* In the interest of full disclosure, we do own an original work by Mr. Campbell. And yes, we did purchase it on eBay. 

Haight Ashbury Wall

Sometimes understated murals speak volumes, other times they say absolutely nothing. And even though the piece definitely stands out from its vibrant neighbors in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury neighborhood, we’re going to go with the latter on this one. It’s a good try, but next time give us something to listen to.