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eBay Find Of The Week – Dran

Dran is brilliant. But who is Dran? A fair question considering the French-born street artist hasn’t graced the United States with a show. But with a sell-out show at London’s Pictures On Walls and subsequent sell-out shows since then, eventually Americans will catch-up with the artist whom Europeans are collecting at a feverish pace.

Dran Mona Lisa

Mona – Dran – 2010

Combining a child-like cartoon style with images that are laden with adult insight and humor, Dran’s paintings often border between innocence and scathing social commentary.

Dran First Tag

First Tag – Dran – 2010

Dran Rainbow Warrior

Dran – Rainbow Warrior – 2010

Since Dran isn’t overly active on the gallery scene and he doesn’t release a print every week like some artists, when his work does appear on eBay we believe it’s a rare opportunity to purchase something interesting that will increase in value, even if it is a print.

Dran Le Char

Le Char – Dran – 2011

Despite not being one of our favorite works by Dran, “Le Char” it is still an interesting print from an edition of only 99 that originally sold for €170 ($225.00). Currently the print is selling for €330 ($435.24) and we consider that a steal for this giclee print as other prints by Dran will sell between $800 – $1,400. If you can snipe this piece at the low end of the range, you will be acquiring a good investment.