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eBay Find Of The Week – Robert Del Naja

When London’s Pictures of Walls was riding a wave of instant sellouts every time they released a print a few years ago, Massive Attack’s songwriter and vocalist Robert “3D” Del Naja was one of the artists enjoying gallery’s popularity. 

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy – Live 1996

During the height of his popularity, Mr. Del Naja released a series of 6 prints that referenced popular political images at the time including the Iraq War and 9/11. Each of the prints were an edition of 25 and were priced at £250. They sold out the first day they were available. Of the giclee series, “Reflected Jet”, “Jihad” and “No Surrender” became much sought after pieces due to their controversial, and striking, images.

Reflected Jet

Robert Del Naja – Reflected Jet

No Surrender

Robert Del Naja – No Surrender

A few months later, POW capitalized on Mr. Del Naja’s popularity by releasing most of the prints from the previous series utilizing an icy blue as the base color. Despite the print run being increased to 50 per print, each one was once again an instant sellout.

Over the years the red prints, mostly due to their smaller print run, have shown solid gains for collectors while their blue counterparts have been a little less consistent. Of the blues, “4 Noble Truths” usually sells on eBay for less than its original price of £285.

Patience can often reward collectors as recently we found the blue version of “No Surrender” on eBay with a starting bid of £120.

No Surrender Blue

Robert Del Naja – No Surrender

Given a choice between the red and blue version of “No Surrender”, we would take the red every time. The bold red background makes it far more striking and powerful than its blue counterpart. But with a starting price of less than half of the original price, we would definitely by the blue version and add it to our collection.

Originally a street artist from Bristol, 3D was tagging walls long before he founded Massive Attack and we expect him to continue to produce great art long after his music career ends. Buying this exceptionally well-produced print for any amount under the original price will prove to be a safe investment for years to come.

Massive Attack – Live With Me


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