Because art is the only investment you can hang on your wall, or place on your bookshelf…

Die Antwoord Freaks FIFTY24SF Gallery

Young and hip in San Francisco on a Wednesday night? Either you are getting wasted at your local bar or getting wasted in your living room with a stash you acquired in the Haight. But with the Noise Pop festival going on, Die Antwoord is having a one-night show at FIFTY24SF Gallery tonight.

Die Antwoord

South Africa’s Cool Edge – Die Antwoord

What will be on display? We’ve heard about vinyl sculpture and hand-detailed records but nothing specific. If their videos are any indication as to what it will be like, we think it will definitely be better than anything you can buy illegally in the Haight.

Die Antwood – I Fink U Freeky

And if that video doesn’t convince you that it will be an interesting night, here’s one more:


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