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Of Animals And Men: Studiocromie Offers Works By Ericailcane

Masked executive being ridden “piggy back” by a rat? A rooster playing with an airplane? Welcome to the wonderful, and frightening, world of Italian artist Ericailcane.

Erica il cane - Man Is A Bastard

man is the bastard – Erica il cane – $3,100

With his style representing an ode to Victorian children’s illustrations, Ericailcane creates images that often deliver an almost uncomfortable intersection between man and animals, with the latter usually ruling the roost.

Ericailcane had a sellout show in November 2010 at FIFTY24SF gallery in San Francisco but usually shows is works to fans in Europe, where he is usually busy creating grand-scale murals.

Ericailcane Lisbona, Portugal

Ericailcane – Lisbona, Portugal

Last week Studiocromie listed several etchings and watercolors by Ericailcaine on their site. We really like the previously shown “man is the bastard” as its corporate reference of the man in the business suit. But “Boeing 747”, with the slightly more expensive $3,235 price tag, is equally interesting and provocative.


Ericailcane – Boeing 747 – $3235

The true gems amongst the items for sale are the simple watercolors on paper. Of these, we like “Rana” the best.

Ericailcane Rana

rana – Ericailcane – $2,190

Despite not having the fine detail of his etchings, “Rana” has the striking colors associated with his outdoor murals. And seeing a frog in a red cape and pointed shoes makes us smile for some reason. With its more modest price tag, we believe it is the best investment of all the pieces offered.


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