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Escif’s Street Art Is Evolving

Just when you think you can categorize Valencia, Spain’s greatest street artist, Escif keeps his viewers thinking by delivering a piece that shows a different style but continues to challenge viewers.

His latest painting, “la propriete c’ est le vol” delivers a poignant image that Escif’s fans will appreciate. But this work reveals that he has the potential to be a fine artist.

Escif In France

While the piece may not have the same level of detail as one of Shepard Fairey’s works, Escif is becoming more complex as evidenced by the close-up he provided on his Flickr page.

Escif Close Up

Now we fully admit we’re fans of Escif. Works from his P.O.W. show in 2010 and his show this past summer with San at FIFTY24SF are adorning our collection and are not going to leave any time soon. And while we love the hooded figures, the oblong heads, and the simple transformations displayed on wall in Europe, this new piece might be a signal that he is getting a little more serious about his work.

And a serious Escif would definitely be snapped up by collectors, including us. Don’t sleep on his next show.

Escif's nuns


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